When coming to exercises, people tend to think about fitness coaches, fancy gyms, workout equipment. But to be fit you don’t need any of these.

You only need discipline and eagerness to workout. These 5 simple no-equipment workouts can be done efficiently without any such fancy things. It’s well and good to have a fitness coach and go to a gym. But these things cost you so much money and time.

Yet most of us want at least to be fit rather than having a six-pack and a bunch of muscles. …

If you don’t sleep well at night then definitely you should take some precautions. Bad sleep destroys your body, mind, IQ, working ability, and relationship.

Sleeping is essential not only to human beings also to each and every living creature in this world. There is no need to tell that you have to sleep well to become healthy.

But still, more than 50 million people in the US only suffer from one or more sleeping disorders.

Why is that?

Due to the ignorance of the importance of sleep. Some people work overtime to finish a job but they don’t realize…


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