5 simple no-equipment workout you can do at home

When coming to exercises, people tend to think about fitness coaches, fancy gyms, workout equipment. But to be fit you don’t need any of these.

You only need discipline and eagerness to workout. These 5 simple no-equipment workouts can be done efficiently without any such fancy things. It’s well and good to have a fitness coach and go to a gym. But these things cost you so much money and time.

Yet most of us want at least to be fit rather than having a six-pack and a bunch of muscles. you can do these 5 simple no-equipment workouts after reading this article.

You don’t need any equipment at all, only floor space and your own body weight. These workouts are basic and simple designed for everyone yet difficult to be persistent.

It’s going to be a whole-body workout and you only need these basic exercises to be fit.

5 simple no-equipment workout

1. Push-ups

Push-up is a simple exercise that everyone can do and easy to ignore. But push-up is the best exercise to push your muscles to their maximum limit. Push-up is not only concentrating pressure on your biceps and triceps and it also puts pressure on your chest, core, back, shoulders and legs too.

Push-ups is not only a muscle-building exercise also a cardio exercise that improves your health and fitness.

  • Lie on the floor backwards and position your hands on the floor as slightly wide as your chest.
  • Your whole body must be balanced only with the hand and toes.
  • Lift your body with the hand and toes and then lay down to your original position.
  • When you come down, come close to the floor but don’t let your body rest on the floor.

Do as many reps that you can do and increase this number weekly.

If you want it to be difficult then try out some variations in push-ups

  • Diamond push-up
  • Knuckle push-up
  • One hand push-up

2. Plank

If you only try to plank seriously for a long time then you will get a six-pack.

Plank is such a best exercise that focuses all the pressure on your core or abs.

Plank not only puts pressure on your abs and also on your back which improves your body posture. It also reduces your ugly body fat around your abs.

I think a six-pack and good body posture will give you a good look, don’t they?

So I highly recommend you to plank as often as possible.

  • Lie down both of your hands and toes similar to the push-ups
  • Instead of your hands now place your elbows and there is no lifting here.
  • You only need to hold this position as much as possible.
  • Push your chest opposite to the floor as possible and maintain a straight inclined line from your shoulder to your leg

To make it difficult, you can increase the distance between your elbow and toes.

To reduce your side belly try a side plank which is very similar to a normal plank.

3.Mountain climber

Mountain climber is a good cardio exercise that increases your heart rate and reduces your fat.

I included this exercise only due to its floor space requirement and its less time consumption. Many cardio exercises need a large space like running

For mountain climbing, you only need to spend a few minutes still giving you the major benefits compared to the other exercises.

  • Hold your body similar to the push-ups
  • Instead of lifting like push-ups and holding still like a plank. Do a run.
  • Move your legs forward and backward like running.
  • Touching your toes first and your whole foot next. Repeat this until you burnout.

Just increase the speed and time to make it difficult, remember this exercise can also give you a six-pack.

4. Jumping jack

Jumping jack exercise is another fun way of doing cardio. It increases the heart rate and your dopamine level too.

Jumping jack is considered as the best morning wake up exercise due to its simplicity and effectiveness. It also strengthens your legs and gluten.

  • Stand straight with your hands above the sky
  • Do a jump and land on the floor with spreading your legs slightly wider than normal
  • Clap your hands up in the sky when jumping and place your hand on your thighs.
  • Repeat this jumping in normal breathing., don’t get burnout fast. Just have fun yourself.

Increasing the speed and rep will make the jumping jack difficult for you if you wish.

5. Squats

Squats are a slight difficulty for a few people due to their weakness in the lower part of their body.

Squats are normally done with the weight on the shoulders but you need to do squats without the weights as a beginner.

Squats are extreme exercises for strengthening your hip, thigh, gluten, knee and core too. It’s also cardio which increases your heartbeat and makes you sweat hard.

Don’t try too hard on squats, it may hurt your knee. Try to be simple and persistent.

  • Stand straight and lift your hand straight to your shoulder.
  • Bent your hips and knee as low as possible but don’t sit down
  • Then stand up using your legs.

Don’t increase the speed only the rep to make it difficult. If you speed up it will only makes your knee hurt

Increase the reps per few days if you could.

Always eager to learn and to share